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Blower Door

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World record still intact

energiebüro q50 still holds the world record for the largest ever Blower Door Test

Well it's been over a year ago when the team from the energiebüro q50 received the world record for the largest blower door test all time. In April 2013, the energy experts executed the Blower Door Test, in the new warehouse of well-known online marketing company Zalando with over 30 Minneapolis-blowers. The test lasted nine hours on the measurement on the 101,400-square-foot area. This effort was worth it, as after submission of the recorded data to the Guinness office in England, the team was officially awarded, with a certificate to the world record holder.

Blower Door Guinness World Record Zalando

To date, the record could not be surpassed. For Christian Rösemeier and its employees, this is a great success, on which the entire company is very proud. Due to the outstanding performance, the energiebüro extended its visibility worldwide and collected references from Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Croatia and even from Mexico. But also in the German area, the company has since handled many successful projects. The domestic market has expanded in recent months, more and more, so that in the first calendar week of 2015 the move from the Starenweg 11 in the Horstweg 16 -18, 31840 Hessisch Oldendorf will take place. This spatial, but also human enhancement allows parallel the expansion of the power spectrum to the area of energy balances in the form of EnEV evidence for non-residential buildings.

Guinness World Record Certificate Blower Door Test

An attempt to break its own record is not yet in sight. CEO Christian Rösemeier revealed, however, that to date a request for a larger project exists, with the implementation of the previous record even could still be outbid. We are anxious to see whether it is possible for the team, once again re-establish such a dismal performance, and look expectantly to the year 2015th.


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