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Blower Door

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Success for the team of Energy-Experts from Germany: Energy-Office q50 gets certificate for a new World Record

World record energiebüro q50Christian Rösemeier, CEO of Energy-Office q50 and his team are riding on a huge wave of success. Everything began with lots of wind at the new stock of the popular mail-order company Zalando in Erfurt, Germany. Rösemeier got the mission to realize a Blower Door Test there. At the same time he registered this Blower Door Test at the office of Guinness World Records in London. Recently the certificate arrived at the Energy-Office q50 in Germany. Guess what! Christian Rösemeier and his team have accomplished the biggest Blower Door Test of all times.

Guinness certificate energiebuero q50How it came about: The team spent three hours to build up the equipment. The Hard- and Software needed to be built and furnished. Over 30 Minneapolis-blowers had to be installed into the outer doors of the 101,400-square-foot building. A 40-horsepower gasoline-engine was in use. CEO Rösemeier has imported it from overseas. By the way: It is the biggest blower in Germany. Only nine hours from planned twelve hours were necessary for the Blower Door Test. Thanks to the well coordinated team of q50. And: Only 217.000 of 400.000 cubic meters total volume flow per hour were needed. „We have had a great process. Everything went according to plan – and even better“, says Christian Rösemeier just after the spectacular Blower Door Test in Erfurt, Germany. Ralf Sihler from Sihler GmbH and Marcos Rojo from BlowerDoor GmbH have checked the record according to the standard DIN EN 13829th.

At home in Hessisch Oldendorf, Lower Saxony, the results of the Blower Door Test were exactly analyzed and evaluated. Not only for the investor Goodman Cinnamon/Boysenberry Logistics (Lux) S.a.r.l., also for the Office of Guinness World Records in London. After a few weeks of waiting, Christian Rösemeier could keep the certificate in his hands. „It´s a good feeling. I´m very proud of my team“, says the CEO of Energy-Office q50. Together with Sandra Tesche, Nils Oppenhausen, Andreas Meier und Tomas Lemos, Rösemeier is looking forward into the future expactantly.

The know-how, the use of modern technology, reliability and the ability of the Energy- Office q50, has already spread around the world. "Technician Nils Oppenhausen currently checks the casing of a steam turbine at a power plant in EL Sauz (Mexico). 2013 is a positive year for us and we get a few new orders", says the engineer.

Rösemeier and his team are experts in the fields of leak detection by thermography and Blower Door, in the TGA planning and building physics. Whether logistics centers, manufacturing or frozen halls, office buildings, shopping centers, residential or public buildings, the energy office q50 plans, organizes and accomplishes. It never has been so important to save energy in order to conserve the environment, climate and budget. Therefore, investors and builders of any kind should put on the right partner.

For information: Christian Rösemeier offers workshops for specialists. The courses and tutorials at the e.u.z Academy deals with subject areas like Blower Door Tests and building thermography at the highest level.

pdfPress release - Success for the team of Energy-Experts from Germany

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