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Good Morning Germany and good evening Australia!

While we start here in the new day and week, Australia reached already the end of the day. It is 7pm, which means the first day of the project has now ended for our colleague and we are waiting for the first impressions. But due to the time difference we have to be a bit more patient and we will tell you as of tomorrow what will happen on each day of the project.

We wish you a fantastic start in the new week.



Australia Diary Day 1: Let’s Go!

Blower Door Test Australia roesemeier

My first working day will bring me to Hobart, on a hill, to be precise in the Chapel Street. Due to the time difference, it felt as if the alarm clock was ringing in the middle of the night but a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast helped a lot. After the breakfast, my Australian colleague Michael Healy came to fetch me and we made our way to today’s property.

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