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Welcome to energiebüro q50!

Specialists in blower door tests of office and industrial buildings
and blower door measurements of large buildings over 5,000,000 m³

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German office for energy is getting lots of tailwind

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Blower Door Test Weltrekord Zalandowww.Blower-Door-World-Record.com

Europeans biggest closet is coming under scrutiny: Christian Rösemeier, CEO of „energiebüro q50 Rösemeier" (office for energy) is currently planning the biggest Blower Door Test of all times. The Expert-Team for energy from Lower-Saxony, Germany (Hameln), wanted to set a new world-record with a Blower Door Test at the stock of a popular mail order company in Erfurt.

Blower door test in about 62,000m³ large HUK-COBURG arena.

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For larger objects, such as here in the HUK-COBURG arena blower door tests are performed to detect air leaks.

With appropriate planning and review of house building technology plans seals are made specifically to prevent from "false flows" via the ventilation systems.

With Prior appointments during construction and construction supervision as well as pre-measurements of air density level, air change rates of Similar passive houses will be achieved.

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energiebüro q50 christian rösemeier advertises with new homepage

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logo blower door international ebq50
The specialists for air-tightness of energiebüro q50 christian rösemeier advertise with new homepage under www.blower-door international.com. The energiebüro q50 with its headquarters in Hessisch Oldendorf specializes in differential pressure measurements, known as blower door tests on large buildings.

Gyms, apartment buildings, office buildings and even whole logistics centers from energiebüro q50 have been put under "pressure". On the new pages the energiebüro q50 is an excerpt from the greatest references of different measuring tasks in front of which were conducted in the European Union.

The new main navigation made aware of individual topics, here you can find all the information and work areas. Right from the Home it is possible to contact the office or call on +49 (0) 51 58 / 99 39 22 4.

Blower Door Test with 26 differential pressure gauges

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Blower door test to be carried out not only in passive houses or detached houses. Even larger buildings must be checked with the blower door method if it is planted in the EnEV evidence. With a blower door test which passed the infiltratinsrate is reduced.

In this logistic center with approximately 50,000sqm area and 520.000m³ net volume a blower door test was successful with 26 BlowerDoor devices. The building is divided into 5 sections with dimensions of approximately 100x100 meters. Total length 500m, width 100m. The individual buildings are each connected to several over approximately 5x5 meter fire gates, thus uniform pressure conditions could be ensured.

At a flow rate of 195.000m³/h of BlowerDoor MultipleFan system which has been specially adapted for this test in sectional doors within a few seconds, a test pressure in the logistics center was built.

Blower door test in a storehouse with ca. 238.000 m³

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With the blower door MultipleFan system, Blower door test also called Differential pressure measurements can be performed on large buildings.

The experts at energiebüro q50 from Hess. Oldendorf, near Hanover, examine large buildings in all sizes of buildings.

At this logistic center ca. 238.000m³ net volume. The systems can be configured individually and can be controlled from a laptop computer with special software.

Contact Informations

Telephone Hotline: D 0800 - 9939224

Horstweg 16-18
31840 Hessisch Oldendorf

Tel.: +49 (0) 51 52 / 690 12 40
Fax: +49 (0) 51 52 / 690 12 49
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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